Can AI be used to improve Vodafone’s Project Success?

Rather than just hearing from us, we thought it would be useful to hear from a senior project expert on their thoughts on AI in Project Management.  As such we invited Yemmi Agbebi, Head of Global PPMO and PD at Vodafone to talk to us.


Questions and Answers:

  1. Please describe your role at Vodafone?

YA: I head up the Programme Portfolio Management Office for Vodafone Business global function for customer delivery.


  1. Could you broadly describe the scale and type of projects that you support at Vodafone?

YA: Large enterprise programmes with a total contract value of up to about £300+ million.


  1. Why is the subject of AI in project management of interest to you?

YA: Predictive insight into new projects at Stage Gate #1, ensures we can deterministically identify where all the “alligators” are before project kick-off, allowing greater chance of programme or project success.


  1. What benefits would you envisage by implementing AI to the Vodafone project management portfolio?

YA: Primarily, predictive, early warning system in order to achieve the best outcome for customers.


  1. What challenges would you envisage by implementing AI to the Vodafone project management portfolio?

YA: Trusted data that AI can work with, is perhaps the biggest challenge


  1. There are many “scare mongering” negative stores of the AI revolution, how do you think your team will react to undertaking an AI PM journey?

We are realists. We know AI is coming. We are ready to ride the AI wave instead of being swamped by it.



As you can see Yemmi and Vodafone are “ready to ride the AI wave” and know in the future it will form an inherent part of their projects’ capability.  Capability that will be in support of his team, whether it be project planning software that learns from project history to provide future estimates of budget and task duration in support of the human estimation process or addressing this and all elements of the real project problem.

If you want to know more or to discuss how AI can be used to address the real project management problem in your organisation do get in touch with Greyfly.


Bio of Yemmi Agbebi, Head-Global PPMO & Programme Director at Vodafone

Global PPMO leader who shapes strategic enterprise and operational deliveries for Next Generation Digital Transformation including, IoT, Mobility, Cloud, Software Defined Network (SDN), Robotics Process Automation, IP VPN L2 & Unified Communications. Also leads and shapes departmental data analytics, Big Data & AI.

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