Project delivery is a complex problem

There are so many unknowns; it is impossible to completely define all project delivery challenges.  The project delivery problem could be summarised as how do we remove the uncertainty from projects, or at the very least reduce it.  Traditionally, a high degree of reliance has been placed on human judgement and expertise to achieve project success, but this is prone to inconsistencies.  With the advances in AI, computers can now remove subjectivity and bring more rigor to the project management process.

AI is seen as the new “silver bullet” for all our technology woes and this includes increasing rhetoric pertaining to the project delivery problem.  AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. These processes include learning (the acquisition of information and rules for using the information), reasoning (using rules to reach approximate or definite conclusions) and self-correction.  The adoption of AI is beginning to make its mark in industry.

There are hundreds of project delivery tools on the market which perform a variety of tasks.  Each tool will have its strengths and weaknesses and many organisations could be using multiple tools.  AI tools for project delivery are still in the early phases of evolution. Currently, most tools on the market are focused on improving the efficiency of project delivery processes and are centred around the use of Chatbots.  The use of Machine Learning techniques to offer more insight and foresight is still in the experimental stages. Greyfly are one of the few companies exploring solutions in this space.

Greyfly’s increasing development and adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is enabling faster and better value assessments of assurance and capability.

Greyfly has developed Cyclops to tackle the real problem of how to reduce the uncertainty in project delivery and increase the likelihood of project success.  Cyclops captures the combined knowledge of our Programme/Project Management experts and utilises that knowledge to aid our clients in their decision-making.  The tool itself is flexible and can be used for assessing portfolios, programmes and/or projects. Although it assesses the maturity against a series of foundations for success it can also be configured to address any specific risk areas.  Various inputs allow for the creation of a series of highly visual Insight grids, that highlight deviation and this in turn creates a prioritised transformation plan of actions required to improve project success.

For those organisations who wish to assess their full portfolio capability this forms the beginning of their AI journey…separately we can also assess your existing data to determine how this may require to be re-shaped and prepared for the long term application of AI but of course this depends on what you have.

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