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Greyfly delivers a transformation approach to improving the success of programmes and projects.

the past informs the future

The Greyfly transformation approach usually begins with a Discovery phase.  Combined knowledge of the history of major programmes and an understanding of the existing project environment will enable improved problem and opportunity definition and inform the approach to capability improvement.

During discovery Greyfly aims to:

  • Assess the existing projects’ environment capability [processes, systems, data, people]
  • Agree Problems & Opportunities
  • Document Target Capability and areas of Process Requirements
  • Approve Comparisons and Measures
  • Recommend a benefits-driven Transformation approach
  • Agree method to mobilise initial Transition


Legacy Project/Programme Review:

Given only some stakeholders are contactable for historical programmes, a thematic Legacy Programme Review is likely to be desktop-based.  Once it is agreed which Projects/Programmes are within scope, we look to gain an understanding and report on the foundations of the projects’ environment to identify root cause of project success, or failure.

Review of Current Projects within the Portfolio:

A wider review of the current projects/programmes within the existing portfolio would specifically examine the clarity of the “why?” / benefits case and the maturity of the other project success foundations: i) Governance ii) Planning iii) Team iv) Business Requirements and v) Budgeting.  As well as gathering necessary project artefacts to identify gaps and opportunities, this would involve reviewing existing PM process, systems and people to allow the Greyfly team to propose the capability development transformation roadmap.  This roadmap will highlight the opportunities for automation including AI and machine learning.  Longer term automation could be more sophisticated and could perhaps meet the vision of a PM learning / verification tool.


To increase the likelihood of project success takes time and requires a mixture of enhanced internal delivery capability, sprinkled with expert external advice and guidance based on comprehensive knowledge, detailed research and innovative use of technology. Potential benefit areas are:

  • Accelerated and improved PM Decision Making
  • Greater realism in project/programme timelines
  • Improved consistency of approach and application
  • Reduced analysis and administration enabling improved PM and Team productivity
  • Enhanced sponsorship and delivery team skills
  • Less change resulting from inappropriate Customer requirements
  • Greater delivery to budget and Improved forecasting

Greyfly selected for BBC Consultancy Framework.

Greyfly Selected for BBC Programme Consultancy Services Framework II Greyfly have been awarded a place on the BBC’s new Consultancy Services Framework II within the Programme Management lot.

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